by Corey
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There is a long time I haven’t watch a whole movie until this one — Manchester by the sea.

Lee is shuttled back and forth around the house, repair the water pipe, dredge the toilet, sweeping the porch of the snow. Some people think he is lovely, and some people despise him clumsy, some people think he is rude. He finished a tedious job, like a headless brain, and seemed to have an indifferent attitude towards everything. He is lonely to walk, very few words, the soul is not left, absent-minded, like a zombie, often in silence and suddenly fury between the switch. People only know that Lee is a lifelong maintenance worker, no one cares about his life experience.

More or less, we will encounter such a person around us, they do a low pay repetitive work, not good or bad, there is no sense of existence, some strange. Most of the time, we are not interested in understanding his past and inner, usually think they may be born so, will always be the case.

However, at the half of the movie, the movie tells us what makes Lee to this — negligence while intoxicated led to a house fire that killed their children.

In our real life, please be more patient with other guys, because you have no idea what has happened to them.