by Corey
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Today, I tried to install a bioinformatics software called SomaticSniper under its instructions while got stuck at the fourth step.

mkdir somatic-sniper/build  #succeed
cd somatic-sniper/build #succeed
cmake ../ #succeed
make deps #failed
make -j 
make test 

The errors are listed below, it seems that zlib is not working well in bam_import.c file. Therefore, I modified bam_import.c file by replacing the zlib.h statement to an absolute path.

/NAME/src/somatic-sniper/ undefined reference to gzopen64
./libbam.a(bam_import.o): In function sam_open:
/NAME/src/somatic-sniper/ undefined reference to gzopen64
./libbam.a(bam_import.o): In function sam_header_read2:
/NAME/src/somatic-sniper/ undefined reference to gzopen64
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make[1]: *** [samtools] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory /NAME/src/somatic-sniper/
make: *** [all-recur] Error 1
$locate zlib.h |head -1 

$vi /NAME/src/somatic-sniper/
replace #include <zlib.h> 
to      #include </usr/include/zlib.h>

Then, remake deps and everything is ok.