by Corey
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Today is the last statutory working day, and I feel somewhat happy because the new year is waving hands to me. But I did not think about why I love the new year. After several seconds of thought, I guess the choice opportunity is the main reason that I like the new year.

The so-called new year is always connected with the past year. In the past year, we may get achievements in some aspects, like learned new skills and get a better body. No matter what we have got in our pocket, our mind will never be satisfied with the current situation. However, the new year is a brand new, fresh page in our life, and the most critical part is the precious opportunity for us to make up for the regrets.

Choice opportunity is precious, and we can not get enough choices if we do not discipline ourselves. But the new year gives us an illusion that we can choose what to improve in the future. Although it is an illusion, our people still want to trust it because we prefer to good news rather than the bad news. Nevertheless, bad news will happen someday, and we need to prepare for the worst and discipline yourself for the best.

In the new year, I hope we can take advantage of the choice opportunity to embrace the adventure of the new year. After all, lazy away do not create memories, but adventures do.