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Yesterday, I began to transfer my git configuration from my old machine to my new MacBook Pro. When I renamed my file by doing this, an error has occurred to me:

$ git mv readme Readme
fatal: destination exists, source=readme, destination=Readme

It seems like my Mac OS X cannot recognize Readme file as same as readme file. So I had to convert readme file to tmp_file and then tmp_file to Readme file. In Linux, this command can work very well, but in Mac OS X, failed. This is the first time that I realized case-sensitive is so important. Except for this situation, I believe it is hazardous when keep confusing the case.

Different operating systems (OS) have different case-sensitive level, that is why the same command upon can work well on Linux but fail on Mac OS X.

  • case-sensitive OS: Linux, Solaris, BSD
  • case-insensitive OS: Windows, Mac OS X

In my working pipeline, my file often transfers between Linux and Mac OS X, so I decided to convert all my filename under lowercase_with_underscore principle. The reasons behind this principle are:

  • Easy to read, UPPERCASE_WITH_UNDERSCORE is hard to understand
  • Easy to distinguish a private file from system folder/file such as Documents, Downloads and so on
  • Transfer file with lower risk (Every OSs can recognize your file correctly)
  • I love the underscore sign